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The GIS Cookbook is a part of the Comprehensive Land Use Planning (CLUP) Guidelines issued by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) to assist local government units (LGUs) in the preparation of their Comprehensive Land Use Plans. The guidelines consist of: “CLUP Guidebook: A Guide to Comprehensive Land Use Plan Preparation” This volume provides the stepwise process of formulating the CLUP. It opens the door to a flexible planning process and documentation in relation to the municipal profile, that enables those predominantly rural municipalities to gather only those information applicable and necessary for the formulation of their respective CLUPs, without having to undergo the same in-depth analysis and sophistication in the planning documentation and process as those highly urbanized cities and municipalities, which are more likely to face competing and conflicting land uses that will also generate more sophisticated geographic information products. “CLUP GIS Guidebook: A Guide to Comprehensive Land Use Data Management” Often referred to as the GIS Cookbook, this volume introduces new approaches and methods in the preparation, documentation and presentation of CLUP information. It also describes an approach to GIS implementation that would make it not only a tool for the LGU Planning Office but also an LGU asset, which can be useful to other functions. This guidebook is made in compliance to the proposed flow and changes in the CLUP sector studies. The GIS Cookbook describes the fundamentals for a Geographic Information System (GIS) and other information systems needed in the CLUP formulation process. It guides the user in the application of GIS as a planning and information management tool, and provides geographic information products to enable the planners and stakeholders to formulate the CLUP in a participatory manner, resulting in a plan that serves its function of regulating and catalyzing development in the given municipality/city. The use of the GIS Cookbook as companion guide to the other volumes in the CLUP Guide Series may be as follows: 1. For a municipality/city that has decided to use GIS as a tool in the CLUP preparation, the following will be applied:
CLUP GIS GuidebookCLUP Guidebooks 
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2. For a municipality/city that will apply a traditional approach and not use GIS as a tool the following Guidelines will be used:
CLUP GuidebookCLUP Sector Studies
Volume 7 (Previous Series)
CLUP GIS Guidebook
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The Cookbook is found on HLURB Homepage, www.hlurb.gov.ph and can be downloaded for free. A digital version can be provided on a CD at cost price.
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