1.02 The GIS Cookbook Framework

Thu, 10/25/2007 - 14:51
The GIS Cookbook consists of two parts: Part One is the Textbook which is the narrative component that describes what needs to be known in starting up a functioning GIS to be used as a tool in the CLUP preparation. Part Two is the Toolbox which is a compendium of detailed instructions, templates, forms and dummies that will be of help in the actual work. The Textbook is made up of the following chapters: Chapter 1: Read Me First This is a general introduction to the GIS Cookbook and its role in the HLURB CLUP Guide Series. Chapter 2: Introduction to GIS This provides a general idea of what GIS is and its various applications. It shows the advantages of using GIS in local governance specifically in the city and municipal levels, and particularly in the CLUP preparation process. Chapter 3: The Cornerstones of a Functioning GIS This outlines what are necessary in terms of skilled people, proper methodology, accurate data, sufficient software and hardware, to put into operation a GIS that is customized for the specific municipality/city. It also describes the various information products using GIS that are of help in the preparation of the CLUP. The Toolbox consists of the following chapters: Chapter 4: Methodology, Procedures and Case Studies This provides the more elaborate descriptions for the detailed components of a GIS system for CLUP. Chapter 5: CLUP ( Meta)Data This gives information on how to organize the data and the recommended standards that need to be applied. Chapter 6: Templates This contains the various masters and templates to be used in the CLUP preparation. Chapter 7: Training This includes useful materials and tutorials to be used for skills development training. Chapter 8: Software This provides a selection of software that will be useful to access the Guidelines. Chapter 9: Mapping (Volume 7) This contains the scanned version of relevant portions of the Mapping Guidelines in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf). Chapter 10: Glossary and List of Abbreviations This contains the technical terms and acronyms used in Volume 3.
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