2.06.02 Municipal Integrated Development Planning

Mon, 11/12/2007 - 10:48
The various national government agencies (NGAs) formulate policies, guidelines, plans, programs and projects, governing their sectors, and these are handed down to the LGU level for local government guidance, implementation, and compliance. Given the numerous NGAs and the corresponding policies, plans, programs and projects, that the LGUs have to contend with, it is usually left to them to integrate all of these within the local government context, and arrive at a set of plans, programs and projects that are aligned to the policies, and compliant to the guidelines. The LGU therefore plays a vital integrative role at the local level In order to facilitate the tasks of the LGU, the GIS Cookbook identifies possible data sharing ‘shortcuts’ between information products needed for the CLUP and information prepared in other municipal plans and programs such as the examples found below. The following are some of the kinds of plans that the LGU is expected to prepare, in coordination with the appropriate national government agencies:
  1. Agriculture and Fisheries Management Plan, including the Strategic Agriculture and Fisheries Development Zone (SAFDZ)
  2. Forest Management Plan or Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP)
  3. Sustainable Integrated Area Development Plan or Local Agenda 21 (SIADP)
  4. Coastal Resources Management Plan (CRMP)
  5. Solid Waste management Plan
  6. Agrarian Reform Community Development Plan
Examples of plans that require inter-sectoral functional committees are:
  1. Local Poverty Reduction Action Plan
  2. Disaster Management Plan
  3. Sustainable Development Plan
  4. Gender and Development Plan
  5. Food Security Plan
  6. Integrated Area Community Peace and Order and Public Safety Plan
  7. Local Development Plan / Local Investment Plan for Children
  8. Ecological Solid Waste Management Plan
  9. Human Resource Management Plan
  10. Revenue Enhancement Plan
Plans that fall within the concern of individual sectors:
  1. Action Plan for the Council for the Protection of Children
  2. Annual Culture and Arts Plan
  3. Agriculture and Fisheries Management Plan
  4. Local Tourism Plan
  5. Small and Medium Enterprise Development Plan Body
  6. Local Health & Nutrition Plan
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