4.03.01 The Components of the Recommended Start Package

Fri, 11/16/2007 - 19:09

The Start Package consists of the following:

Component Provided by Unit Price (Peso) as
1 Desktop computer system with , 17” Color Monitor,
pre-installed Microsoft Windows XP professional and anti-virus software
  PC Clone:
PC Brand:

A4 size Scanner  
A3 size Capable Color Printer  
Extra Hard Disk for Back-ups  
GPS Hand Held Device  
Digital Camera, min 3 Megapixel resolution.  
(A UPS might be needed if sustained electricity supply is not provided)  
GIS Software    
ArcView 9.x Geodata (inquire for price)
MS Office  
CLUP Base Map Preparation   20,000 and above
Data from different sources/custodians to facilitate the CLUP preparation  
Secondary source data requested from custodians See Data Custodian…  
Primary data field surveys such as Integrated Barangay Field Surveys

(3-5 days per barangay for a Survey Team required)
Human Resource Development    
1 week Basic/Beginners’ Training for two LGU Staff HLURB CO
1 week Applied CLUP GIS Training for two LGU Staff HLURB CO
On-the-job assistance HLURB RO/CO ?
The CLUP GIS Guidelines including Toolbox HLURB  
  Total Cost:  

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